Hospital Workflow Automation Simplified

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A hospital information system must have the capability to expand and integrate new software and applications as the needs of the healthcare provider grow. With Health, third party application integration for both native and HL7 apps is as easy and fast as can be. Data Migration Services help a hospital confidently move its data where it needs to go. Our storage specialists draw on years of experience to perform data migration efficiently, with minimum cost and disruption to business operations and application availability.

What Can You Achieve With Agile Health

Go Paperless

Agile’s solutions not just automate every functional node of the hospital, they also drastically reduce the time taken to complete tasks, thereby reducing the time wasted in waiting for appointments, at the diagnostic lab, the pharmacy, and even for reports

What Can You Achieve With Agile Health


With every element of your healthcare operations integrated using easily adaptable and scalable technology, every function of your hospital is well connected and all complexities across workflows are simplified through smart automation

What Can You Achieve With Agile Health

Increase Revenue

With every task taking much less time and with flexible subscription models of implementation, the operational costs of managing hospitals sees drastic reduction, allowing you to focus on expanding your services and facilities for your patients.

What Can You Achieve With Agile Health

Patient Centric

With patients being at the center of every care initiative, their satisfaction is a critical healthcare goal. Agile’s solution helps you deliver on every patient expectation, from efficient care to quick access to information and a positive care experience.

Business Intelligence

Agile Health adopts efficient practices to handle data, access security, user authentication, data confidentiality, Data Codification standards patient identity, quality indicator measurements, medical records, patient visits, admission & discharge event log, patient disease, clinical condition, Bar-coding standards, Turn-around Time, Controls for Non-Manipulation of Results, Reporting Guidelines, medication management, Critical event Communication Workflow, e-Signatures, Audit Trail of events.
Explore how Agile Health can create a robust technology backbone for your healthcare organization.

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Agile Health - Your Technology Partner in Your Healthcare Journey

Today’s healthcare landscape poses quite many challenges to its stakeholders. You cannot afford to ignore the power of technology in delivering a positive patient experience, trimming out excessive cost, speeding up diagnosis, leveraging healthcare data for smart care delivery, and enabling effective patient outcomes. You need the robust technology backbone of Agile Health, who can bring you game-changing healthcare solutions that can help you achieve these benefits.

Agile Health delivers the perfect combination of intelligent technology and brilliant experts that streamlines every aspect of healthcare delivery, from patient registration to customized report generation.


Axpert HIP has been awarded as the "Best Health Information Platform" by e health magazine on 26th March 2018 at Health and Wellness Summit, New Delhi. Axpert HIP is the only HIP built using US patented RAD technology which provides unmatched scalability for healthcare enterprises and it suites Hospitals with single as well as multiple locations, chain of Labs, Large enterprise hospitals, Public Health Care Establishments etc. Being a low code technology, Axpert HIP can be quickly customized and configured as per the needs and provides 100% flexibility to incorporate change requests that arises in future. It also enables a healthcare establishment to manage HIMS in house with a small IT team and avoid getting vendor locked. Axpert HIP digitalizes end to end operations of a hospital leading to a paperless hospital. HL7 connectors enables in achieving interoperability with devices and other systems. Agile Labs thank E health for selecting Axpert HIP for this prestigious award.