Be Future Ready

A hospital information system must have the capability to expand and integrate new 3rd party apps and software as the needs of the healthcare provider grow. With Agile Health, third party application integration for both native and HL7 apps is easy and fast . Data Migration Services help a hospital confidently move its data where it needs to go with minimum cost and disruption to business operations and application availability.

NDHM Ready

With Agile Health's robust EMR, seamless integration with National Digital Health Ecosystem ( NDHM ) is ready from day one. NDHM is like UPI for finance, Agile Health' rapid development platform ensures that your hospital is compliant to all mandates enlisted by Government of India.

NABH Ready

NABH compliance workflow is fully integrated, helping you to achieve and maintain accreditation. Automation and Audit modules are an integral part of the platform helping you to track all essential quality parameters

Insurance Ready

Post-covid the penetration of Insurance is increasing. The receivables are delayed due to improper documentation. Agile Health' insurance ready platform enables seamless communication and transfer of condition / disease specific data with insurance companies enabling faster turn around time in revenue collection.

3rd party Integrations

In the every changing world , future ready hospitals have to communicate with various 3rd party applications. Agile Health' robust Data Base can talk and integrate with essential applications like cloud telephony, SAP for finance, UPI apps, CRM solutions, Whatsapp etc.

Hospital Workflow Simplified

A well connected Hospital delivers better patient care. With Agile Health’ pre-built Hospital workflow, data and information flow seamlessly there by improving clinical outcome and enabling better communication between clinicians and various departments

Agile Health' 360 degree ERP solution has all modules required for hospital viz IP , OP, LIS, RIS, HR, Finance, CRM , Supply Chain etc. All modules are tightly integrated which reduces repetition of data entry by clinical team, thus helping in improving overall efficiency and time spent along bed-side for patient care.

Anytime Anywhere Dashboards

Recording, tracking and analyzing key metrics will keep your hospital healthy. With Agile Health's on the fly dashboards you can slice and dice the data and take meaningful decisions
Hospital ERPs collect and store humongous amounts of data on patient conditions, diseases and demographics. Clean, comprehensive and intuitive dashboards improves overall efficiency in the hospital resulting in patient satisfaction

Monitor key metrics on the go.

Decision making made easier with access to clean data

Always on analytics

Patient Communication made easier

SMS | Cloud Phone | Email | WhatsApp ready
Today' patient wants to be in touch with the clinicians and paramedics, before, during and after a procedure. Mobile app integration with appointments are made available from day one. Relevant, important and authentic information can be communicated to the patient via Whatsapp, SMS, Email or any other way of preferred communication. Patients can also have safe and secure access to their records thus improving the over all trust in the Hospital.

Integrate with ease

In-built Clinical Metrics

Critical clinical metrics are key for better clinical outcomes. With Agile Health, important indicators are triggered encouraging pro-active measures.
Analysing clinical data and triggering near miss events help prevent critical errors. Integrated EMR with a built-in clinical module helps identifying critical events even in a complex environment.

Client Testimonials

Our Clients

Our Eminent Clients have around 10 to 1000 beds in their health Facilities’